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Translated from the Japanese word “house,” the award-winning Uchi is located in a refurbished South Austin bungalow. Award-winning chef Tyson Cole’s signature, non-traditional take on Japanese food has delighted Austin’s diverse dining crowd as well as visitors from all over since 2003. Uchi is also THE restaurant that put Austin on the culinary map and produced a pool of extremely talented alumni who have gone on to also contribute to Austin’s food culture. Here’s what to expect at Uchi (and sister restaurant Uchiko): fresh fish accented by bright fruit, vegetables, herbs, grains and other flavors inspired by both Japan and Texas, with favorites from the cool tastings menu include the hama chili (yellowtail, ponzu, Thai chili, orange) and sake kosho (salmon, clementine, kiwi, puffed rice).

Make half your plate fruits and vegetables: Choose red, orange, and dark-green vegetables like tomatoes, sweet potatoes, and broccoli, along with other vegetables for your meals. Add fruit to meals as part of main or side dishes or as dessert. The more colorful you make your plate, the more likely you are to get the vitamins, minerals, and fiber your body needs to be healthy.
Developing healthy eating habits isn’t as confusing or as restrictive as many people imagine. The essential steps are to eat mostly foods derived from plants—vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes (such as beans and lentils), and nuts—and limit highly processed foods. If you eat animal foods, you can add in some dairy products, fish, poultry, and lean meat. Studies show that people who eat this way have a reduced risk of heart disease, diabetes, and possibly cancer and other chronic diseases. Here are our guidelines for building a healthy diet.
The Four Seasons Hotel downtown recently introduced Ciclo, a Latin-inspired restaurant concept in the former TRIO space. It's a collaboration between Four Seasons chef de cuisine James Flowers and chef and restaurateur Richard Sandoval, featuring locally and seasonally inspired flavors and ingredients. For dinner, try the scallop and shrimp ceviche in yellow aguachile; and the lomo saltado, seared beef tenderloin with creamy jasmine rice, tomato, onion, cilantro, crispy potato, and soy sauce jus. Live Oak (the hotel’s bar) has a great cocktail menu as well, and we love the tamarind margarita. Check out the generous happy hour every day from 5-7 pm for a $5 house cocktail and half-off of snacks like smoked brisket tots.

When Irish pub Fado’s shuttered, it was hard to imagine the space as anything but a dank wooden maze. Enter chef Jason Dady of San Antonio: the bright, lush interior of Chispas (Spanish for “sparks”) is unrecognizable from its former incarnation. Start with green chile queso and a chispa prima, the restaurant's “fancy” margarita, before moving onto the main attraction: the tacos. Keep it simple with the “SATX”, a tortilla filled with sirloin, a cheese enchilada, gravy, and onion; or indulge in a duck confit carnitas taco filled with lime crema, bacon, jalapeño, and pineapple.
Several organisations have begun calling for a new kind of agriculture in which agroecosystems provide food but also support vital ecosystem services so that soil fertility and biodiversity are maintained rather than compromised. According to the International Water Management Institute and UNEP, well-managed agroecosystems not only provide food, fiber and animal products, they also provide services such as flood mitigation, groundwater recharge, erosion control and habitats for plants, birds, fish and other animals.[70]

Sure, you could inhale supper straight out of a bucket, but for a healthy meal, you need to invest at least a few minutes in chopping, rinsing or grilling. The result is worth the effort, Mitchell says. "When you prepare dishes yourself, you can see exactly which ingredients are going into it and make conscious choices about what you truly want to eat," she says.
In the western world, finger foods are often either appetizers (hors d'œuvres) or entree/main course items. Examples of these are miniature meat pies, sausage rolls, sausages on sticks, cheese and olives on sticks, chicken drumsticks or wings, spring rolls, miniature quiches, samosas, sandwiches, Merenda or other such based foods, such as pitas or items in buns, bhajjis, potato wedges, vol au vents, several other such small items and risotto balls (arancini). Other well-known foods that are generally eaten with the hands include hamburgers, pizza, Chips, hot dogs, fruit and bread.

The process of making a diet version of a food usually requires finding an acceptable low-food-energy substitute for some high-food-energy ingredient.[16] This can be as simple as replacing some or all of the food's sugar with a sugar substitute as is common with diet soft drinks such as Coca-Cola (for example Diet Coke). In some snacks, the food may be baked instead of fried thus reducing the food energy. In other cases, low-fat ingredients may be used as replacements.
"Staying well-hydrated helps your body function properly, and it also helps make sure you don’t overeat," Pam Bede, M.S., R.D. with Abbott’s EAS Sports Nutrition, tells SELF. But it's not just that staying hydrated keeps you from overeating. According to Maxine Yeung, M.S., R.D., owner of The Wellness Whisk, sometimes you may feel hungry when, in fact, you're actually thirsty. Basically, no harm can come from drinking a glass of water.
This airy, wood-dominated Japanese izakaya puts the focus on sushi and yakitori, accentuated flavor-wise by locally sourced produce. Chef/owner Kazu Fukumoto, who opened the eponymous spot after spending a decade perfecting his sushi skills as the head chef at Musashino, is humble and gentle in demeanor -- he grills meat and slices sashimi behind the bar and greets everyone who enters. While the menu is chock-full of appetizers and seafood, Fukumoto is best explored by the specials board. And sake! Always sake.  

Calcium. As well as leading to osteoporosis, not getting enough calcium in your diet can also contribute to anxiety, depression, and sleep difficulties. Whatever your age or gender, it’s vital to include calcium-rich foods in your diet, limit those that deplete calcium, and get enough magnesium and vitamins D and K to help calcium do its job. Learn more »
Left: M., a survivor of sexual violence during the Kosovo war, holds a jar of red pepper spread that she prepared at her home to sell at a new artisanal food shop in Gjakova, in western Kosovo. Working with food is a form of therapy for M. Right: B., also a survivor, prepares fresh clotted cream from her home in a village in western Kosovo. Valerie Plesch/for NPR hide caption

I’ve also gone on this amazing journey of self-reflection and introspection that I didn’t really anticipate. It was meant to be a physical journey for physical improvements, but it has become a spiritual journey as well. 1 year of clean eating became 1 year of clean living. Being less anxious and stressed lead to having more fun and being present in the moment. Daily journaling helps channel frustration and set intention and the daily gratitude exercises reframes my view of the world. and small obstacles I might face.